The Carrot or the Stick?

Personalised Radical Reward ChartsYou may have noticed our logo is a Carrot and Stick, Of course we promote the Carrot method of enticement to good behaviour. To use our Radical Reward Charts effectively, your little one needs a moving piece to go between each step. We can include our friendly Radical Carrot reward counter, or alternatively, you can send us a picture of your child and we will create their own customised Reward Counter for them! This really is a great visual aid for your child, as they can see themselves literally moving upwards and through the chart. It's free to personalise their Reward Counter and we will include it in your delivery.

(Note: All photos are deleted from our files after printing. No childs photo is stored or used for any other purpose. It will be used once to print your childs personalised moving Reward Counter, then destroyed. No photo's will ever be passed to any third party and photo's are not stored on our own computers after your childs Reward Counter is printed, nor will photo's be stored on any external server or cloud.)

All charts are 30cm wide x 84cm tall and come folded. If you wish to receive yours in a postal tube, then £3.50 will need to be added.