Why are Radical Reward Charts different to other charts?

wacky-wildlifeAll our Radical Reward Charts have a 20 step progress route. We have found that 20 steps offers the best timeframe for receiving their reward, in a stuctured way, without having to dish out rewards too often or too infrequently. Younger children can be given a 'half way' marker reward when they reach the number 10!

Radical Reward Charts are different from other charts on the market. They have been artist designed to appeal to young people, they offer visual progress by rising 'up' the chart, rather than using the traditional tabular format where 10 stickers may be given for putting away clothes, or 10 stickers for eating all their dinner etc

Our Charts give you the options to tailor their good behaviour activities and not having to stick to pre-defined lists of what is a 'good' behaviour. For example, you may have a pet and if your little one helps feed the pet, or strokes and plays with it nicely, that could result in rising 'up' the chart. Or you may want to reward being kind to a sibling, or helping with household chores. These types of behaviours are not always 'listed' on standard reward charts but we feel that all positive development should be Radically Rewarded.

Our Radical Reward Charts are designed by artist Vita Bosque-Greene, who has developed them through use of collage and painting then bringing them into a digital format. The wide use of images taken from nature adds an educational element to the charts. As your child discovers new animals you may choose to take their exploration of the natural world to the next phase, helping them discover more about the animal's habitat or food source.


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