• Radical Reward Charts

    Unique Designs

    Our Reward Charts are like no others on the market. They are artist designed to appeal to your youngster to make being good fun!

    Personalised for YOU

    You can climb the Reward Charts as Radical Carrot, or as yourself! Send in a snap and we will create your very own little person to move up the chart.

    They Really Work!

    Created by busy working mum of 4. These 20 step charts really work. Just follow our simple guidelines and you will never regret it.

  • Will Change Your Life

    From age 2 – 14

    The earlier you use the charts the more effective they are. Our charts appeal to ages 2 – 14 and look fabulous on your wall!

    Simple Guidelines

    We will include a simple guidelines booklet on the most effective Reward methodology to use with your charts to get the greatest success.

    Online Help

    Our founder, Amanda Noble-Simmons, a busy working mother of 4, will support and guide you on your child’s behaviour and best use of the charts.

  • Unique, Eye Catching, Effective


    Most charts are sticker led and use a tabular format. We use a 20 step process that you can use over and over again.

    Eye Catching

    Our charts have been created by Artist, Vita Bosque-Greene using images that appeal to youngsters and that are also educational in naming and discovering more about each animal.


    Tabular Charts are never ending and are used for specific tasks. I have found the 20 step process so much more effective as the child climbs to it goal rather than filling in tables.

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  • Creepy Crawlies Radical Reward Chart Enter an enticing learning environment with our Creepy Crawlies Radical Reward Chart.

    Bumble with the beetles

  • Gruesome Graveyard Radical Reward Chart Not for the feint hearted! Our Gruesome Graveyard gives your children great pleasure. Watch them dig

  • Wacky Wildlife Radical Reward Chart Children will love discovering our Wacky Wildlife. Start off hiding with the timid mouse in our

  • Grungy Garden Radical Reward Chart Lets begin our Grungy Garden. Journey deep, deep down with ancient Roman artefacts and Victorian china.

  • 'Orrible Ocean Radical Reward Chart Children love the seaside and this Radical Reward Chart helps them chart the depths to discover

  • Reedy River Radical Reward Chart Children love water! Your young ones will love finding out about our Reedy River wildlife as